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Draw | Print | Stitch: Textile Collage

Mulberry Silks & Fine Fabrics

Carrboro, NC

October 19, 20, 21, 2018

Interested in printing your own cloth? This workshop begins with students transforming simple drawings into thermofax screens. Come explore the fun of making your own design and printing with textile inks in Gignoux’s studio  (Day One). Students will have an opportunity to make their own yardage while also contributing to community cloth of combined marks. Day Two and Three will focus on composition, color and line in the building of distinctive textile collages.  We will layer, slice and stitch.  And artfully combine hand printed cloth with other fabrics in your stash.  Each student will go home with their own screen for future printing opportunities. 

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Mulberry Silks & Fine Fabrics

Carrboro, NC

June 8, 9, 10, 2018

Love children’s art? Explore playful possibilities of illustrating with cloth. We will blend & bend color with line into whimsical textile collages.  Surface design activities include dyeing, layering, drawing and stitching. Day One begins with a dye workshop at Peg’s Carrboro studio in which participants will create a vivid array of hand dyed silk organza.  Day Two and Three will focus on composition, line and color. We will mince up random scraps of cotton and linen to build expressive surfaces and transform those surfaces with overlays of translucent silks.  Incorporate vintage fabrics, bring your favorite kid drawings! Come draw with abandon on your sewing machine and create an expressive picturescape! 



Silkworks: Textile Collage

Mulberry Silks & Fine Fabrics

Carrboro, NC

February 23-25, 2018

Explore ways to blend color, line and gesture with a variety of fabrics and find your way to making a beautiful contemporary textile. We will begin by dyeing silk organza and thread for hand stitching.  We will combine hand-dyed silks with linens and cottons. We will invent new colors by layering lengths of translucent silk organza via collage creating an expressive abstract landscape of cloth. Incorporate vintage fabrics. Through the repetition of simple geometric forms you will develop an expressive abstract landscape. Investigate and explore the surface with machine and hand stitching.

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Wrap Your Head Around It | Edition 2


Penland, NC

October 9 - 15, 2016

Transform acres of silk into 200 hand-dyed art scarves. Add in original poetry and pattern.  Print, cut, stitch and release! These wraps will be given to women living with and surviving cancer in diverse communities. Together we will consider the scarf as canvas; as talisman, as dialogue. Explore words and graphics funneled through basic dye, print and piecing techniques.  Discover how pop up studio practices allows the artist to work in unconventional spaces, reaching hidden communities.

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Picturing | Illustrating the Picture Book

Pacific Northwest Art School

Whidbey Island, WA

September 7 - 11, 2015

This workshop explored the magical world of illustrating for children. Participants created a vivid array of textures and colors in both papers and fabrics that became the ingredients for innovative mixed media illustrations. Surface design activities included simple printing techniques, drawing, stitching, dyeing, and layering. Workshop discussions included how words connect to image, the role of book designer, and DIY publishing possibilities.



Pacific NorthWest Art School

Whidbey Island, Wa

June 9-13, 2014

This workshop explored the translucence and luster of silk of various weights and hues, which included hand dyeing silk thread,  organza, and habotai to create fabrics to layer and stitch to linen, cotton, and paper. Participants created complex colors to blend materials, cut, and redefine the surface. Mixed media collages were created by adding in vintage maps, old lace, antique letters, as well as hand and machine stitches onto the surface of each composition.


Mapping Memory

Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts

Gatlinburg, TN 

June 23-29, 2013

This workshop uncovered the creative potential of combining antique lace, old buttons, vintage clothing with radiant silks creating  dynamic textile designs. Beginning with a quiet palette of white on white, students played with tone and texture: layering, collaging, and stitching old and new cloth together. The workshop included opportunities to: print and collage; layer with translucent silks and stitch maps, papers, letters into fabrics; explore the infinite possibilities of stitching pojagi (Korean patchwork); play with machine and hand embroidery; and embellish.


Pictures & Words : Words & Pictures


Penland, NC

June 24 - July 6, 2012

This workshop explored the magical world of writing and illustrating for children.  Peg Gignoux collaborated with writer Susie Wilde to guide participants as they invented and connected words and images. Wilde led a playful progression of writing activities designed to transform ideas into finished stories and/or poems.  Students created a vivid array of textures and colors in both papers and fabrics, which become the ingredients for innovative mixed media illustrations. Surface design activities included simple printing techniques, drawing, stitching, dyeing, and layering. Workshop discussions included the essential roles of the book designer, photographer and a look to DIY publishing opportunities.



Mulberry Silks and Fine fabrics

Carrboro, NC

November 18-19, 2011

This workshop created an array of radiant hand printed silk scarves. The two-day workshop began by patterning silks with simple screen prints and artful hand stamps with textile inks, followed by stitching together patterned silks with solid lengths of silk producing one-of-a-kind art to wear.  


The Power of Repetition



February 1 - March 1, 2011

This workshop involved drawing, printing, painting, stitching, fusing and beading on cloth to create a variety of expressive interpretations of various flowers. Participants played with many variations of a single motif inviting opportunities to explore color, line, gesture, and light. Work was done by machine and by hand, mixing silk, cotton and linens, and other media into works suitable for wall or garment.

Personal Geometry Textile collage



April 27 - May 11, 2010

In this workshop, participants made a contemporary textile suitable for wall or wearable by selecting a confined pallette of solid colors in cotton, linen, and silk fabrics.  The workshop encouraged: playing with different weights and textures of cloth, including vintage fabrics; repetition and layering of simple geometric forms (circles, squares, triangles); and developing a graphic textile collage; machine and hand stitching. 


Imagery and Language II: 
Connecting Reading Methods with Illustration

Meredith College

Raleigh, NC

October 24-25, 2008

The illustrated page serves as an essential and creative link toward achieving excellent reading comprehension for all students. This workshop guided participants through the creation of an accordion pop-up book. After analyzing the work of illustrators and considering how style and graphic intention evokes meaning in children's stories, participants explored the expressive role of story illustrator. Using the visual tools of collage, each participant created a multi-page accordion book interpreting an original story created previously in one of Wilde's Collaborative story writing workshops. 

Artful Albums with Peg Gignoux

White Oak Pottery

Durham, NC

April 28-29, 2007 

In this workshop, participants created an artful album to hold treasured pictures. The weekend of bookmaking fun included painting, stamping,  wrapping, and collage. Participants designed a large hardcover album style book complete with secret envelopes and fanciful mixed media covers.


Greenhill Center for NC Art

Greensboro, NC

Saturday, April 14, 2007

In this teacher workshop, participants learned to create a totem by wrapping, gluing, drawing and writing with paint, string, and fabric to build a construction with personal symbols. Participants also learned innovative methods for facilitating personal totem projects in their classrooms. Workshop was for teachers of all grade levels, with curriculum applications for each grade.


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