Pangeo's Story

Pangeo’s Story is a multidisciplinary arts project was created by Scroggs Elementary School students in 2007-2008. The collaborative story quilt written and illustrated by the fifth graders under the direction of writer, Susie Wilde and myself. 

Pangeo’s Story was interpreted into sign language and choreographed into a series of dances performed by the third grade under the direction of visiting artist, Melinda Abrams. Original music and lyrics for Pangeo’s Story was created by the fourth grade under the direction of music teacher, Sheila Flemming. 

Third, fourth and fifth graders performed Pangeo’s Story at Frog Fest April 2008—successfully uniting many creative interpretations of this remarkable story. This project was supported by the North Carolina Arts Council, CHCSS Public School Foundation, Orange County Arts Commission, Optimist Club, Scroggs families, Fenwick Foundation, and Scroggs PTA.



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